Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Sunscreen, bug spray, drinks, snack, a sweater or blanket during cooler months (Sept-May).

What is provided to us on the Teaguer Tour and Shellfish Tour?

We provide you with a cooler stocked with ice, bottled water, rakes, bags, shellfish tags, gloves and closed toed water shoes. We also allow you to shuck and try an oyster so we also provide an oyster knife under the supervision of the captain.

Can I bring my pet?

Due to strict shellfish restrictions we only allow pets on our Pony Tour.

What is your cancellation policy?

Standard 24 hr cancellation policy, if tour is cancelled within 24 hours the full amount will be charged to the card on file.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

On the off chance there is bad weather, we offer a full refund or rebook. We watch the weather hourly and have many spots to seek cover in the event of a surprise rain shower.

Can I drink alcoholic beverages on board?

Alcoholic beverages are allowed, but we preach moderation especially on our hands on portion of the trip. The captain has the right to end the trip for any safety concern stemming from alcohol with no refund.

I have a shellfish allergy but still want to do the Teaguer Tour or Shellfish Tour is it safe?

The majority of those trips would be perfectly fine for someone with a shellfish allergy, they would of course have to refrain from the sampling portion of the tour, but the touching of clams and oysters in most cases will not cause an emergency reaction

Can we take our shellfish we harvest with us?

Yes! We tag and ice all of your shellfish with appropriate information, we do ask that if you plan on taking them home with you that you plan accordingly to keep the shellfish in a refrigerator or your own cooler with ice (no water) in order to keep them alive and safe to consume.

Are you handicap friendly?

We try our best to be, we must use steps to get in and out of the boat as well as walking in the water, our boat is not wheelchair accessible at the moment, in the event someone were to want to go on a tour and could get in the vessel but not do the shoreward experience we would discount their price.